A Starred Review from Publishers Weekly!

I’m honored to announce that Don’t Blink! received a starred review from Publishers Weekly! Of course, making books is what it’s all about, but knowing the book-loving community enjoys your work is truly the icing on the cake. See below for a snippet of the book review, and to find a link to the full review.


The staring contest: it’s a refreshingly low-tech competition, and Booth (Who Wins?) captures the silly thrill of it all. His story opens with a bright-eyed girl sitting cross-legged in a minimally rendered outdoor setting. She looks straight at the reader, shouts “Go,” and assumes a fixed (but always amiable) gaze. Animals trickle onto the scene, politely ask to join, and are welcomed to do so—“Just don’t blink,” the girl reminds the newcomers. Within a few pages, nearly a dozen creatures have joined this battle of wills, each assuming a goofy, glassy look. “Don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink,” shouts the girl as weary eyes begin to narrow, but something’s eventually got to give.

See full review at Publishers Weekly